Curriculum Vitae


                            Drs. Peter A. Willegers
Drs. Peter A. Willegers

Peter Willegers (1951) studied Philosophy and has degrees in Nursing (general and mental health care) and Teaching. He also took courses in Business Management.


Past years he developed several courses about health care ethics for health care workers. 


The years before his retirement (2009) he worked as a CEO for a client supporting organization. In this organization some 80 social workers support clients with physical and mental disabilities in their struggle to find their rightful place in society.




In 2000 he wrote and published GOED GEDAAN (WELL DONE) in Dutch. ISBN 90 9013641X.


This book is sold out, but you'll find the summary of the thesis the book was based upon under the section Zorgethiek (in Dutch).






Other publications


Meta-ethiek in de zorgverlening”,

      in Stokpaardjes, lustrumuitgave Filosofisch Dispuut Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, februari 2003.

     (Meta Ethics in Care giving).



Netwerk voor Zorg - De ontwikkeling van een


    Coauteur. Publicatie van dit boekje vond plaats in  beheer van Verpleeghuis Nieuw Lindenoord te Wolvega, juni 1997.

     (Development of a System of Care giving).